Saudi Judge OKs Smacking Your Wife

Arab News reported that Judge Hamad Al-Razine has stated, "If a person gives SR 1200 (320) to their wife and she spends SR900 (240) to purchase an abaya (the black cover women are forced to wear) from a brand shop and if her husband slaps her on her face as a reaction to her action, she deserves the punishment."

He made this statement because "nobody puts a fraction of blame" on women when it comes to domestic violence cases. Until recent years, no one even spoke of domestic violence in Saudi Arabia since their laws allow men to do whatever they wish to their wives.

Basically, Al-Razine is saying that women actually deserve for their husbands to beat them if they displease their husbands in any way.

Could you imagine living in a society where is lawful for women to be beaten?

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Oh Hell NO, You would NEVER find me in a country like that, it was bad enough living with the beatings here in the U.S. where the police just tell you.....get a restraining order that they never uphold. The beatings continue with or without that order. And if you do get the order it's going to make the man beating you even madder so the beatings get worse. But hey, at least it's illegal here right???


That law is INSANE!!! I can't imagine living there. Hopefully someday soon they will "see the light" and change that law. But probably's awful! I'll pray for these women...that's all I know to do.