So You Think You Can Dance Premieres!

That's right ... now that Idol has come to an end, it is time for So You Think You Can Dance to begin its season on FOX. They also announced some awesome news ... They will be doing a Fall season as well!

For those who've never seen the show, it is basically like Idol but for young dancers. They will do a couple weeks of auditions episodes from cities like New York, Denver and Miami then show the Las Vegas "boot camp" before announcing the Top 10 girls and Top 10 boys. They then pair the boys and girls for the live shows where they perform various dance styles including ballroom, hip hop, lyrical and even disco. Each week viewers vote and one boy and one girl leave each week. Some of the choreography on this show is incredible. They have the Emmys to prove it!

Tonight's auditions took place in New York City and Denver, Colorado. One of the great things about these episodes is seeing the dancers who just missed making the show last year. Unfortunately, with good ... comes the bad. And the really, really bad.

Some of the dancers to watch for out of NYC are: Gabi, the daughter of a circus performer who lives with rheumatory arthritis and may be someone who could win the entire competition; Peter, who is the first tap dancer get put straight through to Vegas and is pretty hot, so he is nice to watch; and Kellen, who performed a routine with an umbrella that was inspired by the death of his favorite aunt. There were many others but these are the ones who stuck out to me.

Like I said before, with the good comes the bad. The two performances that were the worst were: 'Crazy Kate' and her partner Ron who did some sort of line dancing ... at least that's what I think they were doing; and Thomas & Amanda who attempted the Balero, a highly sensual ballroom style ... but theirs had nothing sensual about it. Is it horrible that during the routine you kind of wish the guy would drop the girl?

The one routine that really stuck out for me was a 24-year-old woman named Tiffany, who was born with a type of spinal dysplasia and wasn't expected to survive 2 months let alone 24 years. Despite her physical limitations, she was beautiful to watch and you couldn't help getting lost in her movements. Unfortunately, her limitations keep her from being able to go farther into the competition, but I was so glad I got to watch her dance.

The Denver auditions didn't really provide much excitement but there were two dancers who made going there worthwhile.

Last season, the final spot for the girls came down between roommates Katee and Natalie, both lyrical/contemporary dancers. Originally, the judges had decided to put Katee into the Top 10. When they had the two of them together before the judges, Nigel asked the two if they didn't make it, would they come back for next season. Katee said no. They led the judges to do a revote which ended in tie vote. That meant the original vote stood and Natalie was left out of the Top 10. Well, she proved that she deserved that spot - and she was even better this time.

On the boys side, the last spot in the Top 10 came down between Gev, a b-boy, and Brandon, a lyrical dancer. Like Natalie, Brandon just missed the Top 10 when the judges announced that Gev would be the one dancing on the show. He also proved in Denver that he belongs in that Top 10.

I would be shocked if Natalie and Brandon don't make the Top 20.

The only real 'bad' performance to highlight was when two guys named Mitch and Misha performed a "same-sex" samba routine. It wasn't half bad ... then the two guys went BOOM! and fell flat on their asses when attempted a lift. Nigel said they looked like Will Farrell & Jon Heder in Blades of Glory. Yes, that bad.

Next week the judges travel to Miami and Memphis as they search for the most popular dancer in America.

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