Your Tax Dollars At Work

Back in February, Congress was deliberating about the economic stimulus package that President Obama had put together. If you remember, Republicans were questioning the amount of wasteful spending that Obama had included in the spending. The other night I read about some government funding that made me very angry.

Did you know that the government is paying millions of TAXPAYER MONEY to study PROSTITUTES??

No, really... They are!

The National Institute of Health (NIH) apparently does many studies that are prostitute-related. One such study is about surveying 60 prostitutes (36 women, 24 transgendered) in Thailand to find out why drug-abusing Thai prostitutes are at greater risk of HIV-infection.

The cost? $178,000. And the hookers aren't even in the USA!

I can answer that question for FREE! The hookers are high and they don't use condoms because they make more money without them! I would also imagine that they are sharing needles because it is cheaper. Did they really need all that money to find that out?

Another study they did was study gay men in Argentina to find out why they engage in risky sexual behavior when drunk.

Could it be because they are DRUNK? I've seen first hand what drunk people do in bars, they didn't need to go to Argentina to figure it out.

Oh, and that study cost $400,000.

The most infuriating thing I read was that the NIH spent $2.6 MILLION to teach prostitutes in CHINA to drink less while having sex on the job! I don't blame them for drinking ... I would imagine being drunk or high would make it easier to do something that you hate doing too. Apparently, they did this to slow down the spread of AIDS in China.

But why are they using OUR hard-earned taxes to pay for all this (and much more) in OTHER COUNTRIES? Many watchdog groups have published articles about stuff like this ... Why isn't it being fixed?

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I do have a comment about this story, you know i say that I agree with your questions but I would like to add a couple of my own. If they want to do a study on prostitutes in Thailand, why don't the people IN Thailand pay for it?? If they want to do a study of why gay men in Argentina engage in risky behavior when drunk, why don't the people OF Argentina pay for that?? Why should we as Americans pay for that shit because frankly I could care less about those things because we have more important things to worry about than prostitutes or gays sexual behavior. It's their lives and their business. They should be spending that tax money on our own children (how many schools have been closed in the past few years due to lack of money) and assisting our homeless and ill people right here at home. I would even go so far as to say they need to give us a tax break so that we wouldn't have to lose our houses to foreclosure and have our lives sent into a downward spiral due to lack of jobs which increases theft and violent crimes. I'll stop there because I get really irritated when i get started on these government bureaucrats...grrrrrr