Survivor Week 12 : How To Throw People Under The Bus & Influence People To Vote You Out

As usual, it didn't take Coach long to say something stupid.

In the beginning of this week's episode, he said, "I'd don't care about the money. I care about my integrity and honesty and I set out to change this game from start to finish."

Um, I don't believe ANYTHING he has said or done is the truth. In fact, just last week he was caught in a complete lie over who approached whom to restart the old Timbira alliance. Does he really expect that people have bought into the whole 'warrior and martial arts Mister Honesty' routine? Heck, even Jeff called Coach out on his blog and in the Tribal Council during this week's episode.

(For more information about Captain Douchebag, click here)

This week, there was no reward challenge. Instead, it was the Survivor Auction. In seasons past, there have been a lot more than 5 items but this season, there were just 5. The first item was french fries but I missed who got them. Coach then paid $320 for a plate of chicken parm, JT got nachos for $160, and Stephan got a zonk of chicken hearts for $100.

The fifth and final item was easily the best one. Because it was such a special items, the 'no money sharing' rule was lifted. When Jeff showed that the item was a cell phone loaded with messages from their loved ones, everyone immediately gave Taj the rest of their money so she could have the phone as she has been hit the hardest since she had to leave a baby behind.

Then there was a twist. In the message from her husband, he said, "I'll see you at camp." Taj didn't get that at first and Jeff had to point it out. Taj was ready to go back to camp right away. I can't say I blame her! Then Jeff through another loop out there ... If Taj was willing to go to Exile (with her husband with her) then the rest of the tribe could have their loved ones meet them at camp as well. Let's see ... alone in exile with her husband? That was a no-brainer.

Of course, this was another opportunity for Captain Douchebag to spew more bullshit. He actually told his brother(?), "they call me the dragon slayer here because I slay dragons." I have news for Coach ... the only one who calls Coach that IS Coach. I would really love to see the movie that is playing in his head.

Once the loved ones left, it was time for the begging and pleading and lying to begin. Coach was told several times that his choice of Taj would be how they were going to vote. Then, Debbie was quick to throw Coach under the bus in hopes that JT and Stephan would take her to the final 3. In fact, she told them that she'd be willing to let them vote her out and let them be the final 2. Ah, Survivor Desperation ... you can see what this is heading.

At the Immunity challenge, the players had to maneuver through obstacles and remember math symbols in order to solve a math equation. JT was clearly out in front of the pack with Debbie trailing behind him. Stephan was one of the last ones to reach the symbols and he spent a long time trying to memorize them. Imagine everyone's surprise when he was able to figure out the equation on only one try. Not that he needed immunity, but it's always nice to have.

So ... Coach thought Taj was the target and Debbie thought Coach was the target. Too bad the other four knew that Debbie was the target. Later Debbie ... enjoy that wonderful shower and fun with Sierra, Tyson and Brendan.

Apparently, next week Erinn starts running her mouth. Hopefully, that doesn't derail the voting out of Coach. The longer he sticks around, the bigger chance he has of sneaking into the final 2.

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