SYTYCD : Los Angeles & Seattle Auditions

Tonight, So You Think You Can Dance traveled west to Los Angeles and Seattle in search of some of the best dancers in America. Unfortunately, they also got some of the worst. And when I say worst, I mean Sex. If you've seen the show before, you know who "Sex" is. Trust me ... you'd rather run naked through Alaska in the winter than have an encounter with "Sex".

The Good and the Bad in LA ...

First, it was awesome that they had Adam Shankman judging alongside Nigel & Mary. An even bigger treat was that several of last season's top 20 were there for the auditions. Katee, Twitch and last season's champ Joshua came to watch the new hopefuls try out for the show.

Bianca - She is a tapper who just missed making the Top 20 last season. Tap isn't something you really see much anymore but this girl just makes tap dancing look so damn cool. She easily made it into the Vegas round again this season. Her obstacle will be showing that she can do more than just tap ... that doesn't always have the biggest impact on an audience in just 30 seconds.

Oska & Ricky - These two are the most unlikely ballroom couple. It isn't often you see an Asian pair dancing Latin ballroom. Last season, Oska made it to the final round in Vegas but Ricky didn't make the trip. This season, Ricky showed that he is no longer being outshined by Oska ... which is saying a lot. Besides being incredibly beautiful, Oska just has the ability to demand the attention in a room. I think she has a better chance than Ricky to make the Top 20.

Nathan - Easily the best dancer at the LA auditions. Only one problem ... he is only 17. But don't worry ... Nigel already gave him his ticket to Vegas for the new Fall season! And trust me, he is worth the wait. If he was just a year older, he would be a lock for at least the Top 40.

And the Scariest is ...

Stacey - Not sure what style she was supposed to be doing but it looked like she was having a violent seizure. She said she took dance classes on a farm. I'm just wondering if she was hooked up to a milking machine while she practiced.

And up in Seattle ...

We got our first sighting of Mia Michaels! She is one of my 2 favorite choreographers on the show. In fact, until last season her dances were the only ones I was always excited about every week. Then Sonya came to the show. Last season I kept hoping they would have one routine from each on each show.

I apologize for not having many people from the Seattle auditions. I had some computer trouble ... but also they had trouble finding talent there! The first day of auditions, they only had 4 people make it through. Fortunately they had more on Day 2.

Kelsea - She was easily my favorite dancer of the night. I must admit I like the "quirky" dancers. I had written down that Sonya would love to get her hands on this girl. Then Nigel turned to Mary and said, "Sonya would love her!" I guess I know what I'm talking about ... ok, sometimes I do. The best description I could give of the routine is that it reminded me of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. And that is just cool.

And then it got weird...

"Wise Leo" - This guy is originally from Kiev, Ukraine and I have no idea how to say his real name, let alone spell it. He apparently goes by that nickname. All I can say about this guy is WHAT THE HELL??? He looked like a spastic Jazzercise extra! Only someone at a rave - and on some serious drugs - would think this guy was any good.

And then it got worse. They actually thought of having a dance battle between that guy and David "Sex" Soller. To get a better understand of just what this "Sex" guy is all about, watch this ....

Got a better idea of how delusional David Soller is now??

For some reason the guy keeps coming back ... 4 seasons now. Time for the idiot to give it up! As for that dance battle? It was SCARY. I had to turn it off ... my eyes were burning.

Thankfully, we're finished watching horrible dancers ... Vegas week is next week!

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oh yesterdays episode was hilarious. i couldn't stop laughing during the sex w/ leo battle. but I really am surprised that the dude keeps coming back.