UPDATE: Children Scammed In Baton Rouge

A couple days ago I wrote about a group of 5th graders and their parents who got ripped-off by one of the trip organizers. Reporters were finally able to get in contact with the Dryers.

According to Maya Dryer, they've given the money back to everyone they had dealt with and that other organizers had the remainder of the money. She also told the reporter that some of the people actually went on the trip.

Um, no. None of the parents were given back their money and no one actually made the trip. How could they? There was no bus and no hotel rooms booked.

The victims all went to the police station to show their receipts to officers. According to the school, the school is not responsible because it was not organized through the school nor was it sponsored by them. Then why do some of the receipts say Brownsfield Elementary School on them? And some made checks payable to the school.

Just when we start getting answers, it gets even more complicated. Hopefully soon the police will be able to charge the Dryers with embezzlement and fraud soon.

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