What Do You Think?

I had a friend come to me asking for my advice the other day and it got me thinking ...

My friend asked me if I had ever development romantic feelings for someone other than my partner throughout our relationship. I was glad that I could say I haven't, but I know it is not an uncommon thing. It's perfectly normal to be attracted to other people. In fact, we'll be attracted to many different people for many different reasons. Sometimes, that attraction can feel like love. Then again, maybe it is love. To me, it's whether or not you act on those feelings that we need to be concerned with.

I wondered something too. Was my friend not actually doubting their relationship, but doubting themselves? I know that this wouldn't be their first marriage and could they be trying to sabotage the relationship on a subconscious level? Could it be that the fear of not only getting hurt, but hurting the other person, be causing them to push their partner away?

Basically, my thought was that it came down to one pivotal question; is the person you're with worth fighting for? If yes, you need to do whatever you can to be the best partner you can be despite the challenges and obstacles that will come along. If no, you need to do the right thing and end it so that both people can move on and avoid more stress and heartache.

My friend was stunned. They told me it was because I had given them an accurate prescription to the situation. I think sometimes we just need someone else to say the words to us that we have already been telling ourselves.

Any thoughts?

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I have a thought, you know i always do...lol...personally i've been married and divorced twice. The first one was understandable as he was extremely violent and just not good to me or my kids. The second one was alot better but we decided we just weren't a good fit so it was kind of a mutual parting of the ways. I still believe that when you find your soulmate, if you will, you just know it and you will go through anything and everything with that person because it's not as stressful and others think it is. You're going through it together, helping each other out along the way. True couples compliment each others personalities, one's weaknesses are the others strengths in most cases. Communication is usually the key to a great relationship. If you have honesty with each other you can usually work through even the most difficult situations. Just my opinion....