Woman Uses Baby As Weapon

Yes folks, you read that correctly.

Apparently, a woman was caught trying to shoplift at a Memphis Wal-Mart. When she was confronted by security guards, she decided to throw her 2-month-old nephew, who was sitting in his car seat, at a security guard.

I could understand trying to escape by throwing the car seat, but the baby? Is she insane?!

Apparently, one throw was not enough for this women. After the baby hit the floor, she picked him up and hurled him at a good Samaritan who was trying to tend to the baby.

The woman was able to escape as she abandoned the baby and his mother, who missed the ordeal because she was in the restroom.

I can't imagine what items were so damn important to the woman that she would use this poor baby like he was a shotput! I doubt that she was trying to steal something of much value. Some people amaze me at how ignorant they are.

Thankfully, the baby and the others are doing fine.

The police are now searching for the woman. I hope she goes to jail for this!

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