Would You Do This?

In Beijing, a man named Chen Fuchao walked onto a bridge to contemplate suicide, because of a large debt he had incurred from a failed construction project.

After several hours of thinking, a passer-by, 66yo Lai Jiansheng, walked up to him, shook his hand, then pushed him off the bridge.

No, really. He did.


He said that what Chen, and others like him, was doing was 'selfish behavior'. Thanks to Chen's behavior, traffic had been backed up for 5 hours. Lia felt that jumpers like Chen's actions are 'violations of public interest'.

Lia had originally offered to talk Chen down from jumping but the police turned him away. So, he decided to bust through the barricade, climb up to Chen's perch and push him off. Lia's actions after that seem to look as if Lia thought himself a hero.

"They do not really dare to kill themselves. Instead, they just want to raise the relevant government authorities' attention to their appeals," said Lia as he was being taken away by police.

Fortunately for Chen (or possibly unfortunately), he landed on a partially inflated emergency air cushion 26 feet below. He survived with spinal and elbow injuries.

Why would someone think it is okay to push someone off a bridge - even if he is thinking of jumping himself?

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idk. i can kind of see his point. the guy was being selfish, but then I'm a firm believer that if someone really was contemplating killing themselves the last thing they would do is do it publicly or tell someone about it. otherwise they're just trying to cause more problems and seeking attention.

I've had plenty of 'friends' tell me their life sucks and they want to kill themselves and blah blah blah, I now respond with 'would you like me to help' and it turns away from 'my life sucks so bad' to 'how could you be so heartless and cruel' and them being pissed. Which proves they only use it for attention.

what surprises everyone else is when they've found out I have attempted to kill myself twice, and no one found out about it until MONTHS afterwards, and the first time by all rights I should've died...

now do i believe suicide is selfish. Yes I do. Do i believe that there are certain reasons or things that play into a person to be so selfish. Totally. DO I think this gives the person the right to go prancing around blabbering about to everyone who cares about them that 'i'm going to kill myself blah blah blah' NO!

So I can totally see the persons point. if you're going to make a public scene so that you can get yourself attention or potentially kill yourself on tv. HURRY UP and do it. but stop wasting everyone elses time. Now do I think he should've pushed him...no...cause now he's probably going to be charged with attempted murder for trying to speed things along.....