Zoo To Stop Selling Blue Sno-Cones

Apparently, it isn't too safe to order a blue sno-cone at the Sedgewick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. Well, now you can't even get one!


Four people got sick after consuming a blue sno-cone recently. Did you know that the syrup bottle is the same size, shape and color as the degreasing agent the park uses? I don't think one of the employees realized it either.

Somehow, a bottle of degreasing agent was accidentally placed next to the bottle of blue syrup. Instead of reading the bottle, an employee just grabbed it and poured into the sno-cone machine. Fortunately, the patrons who consumed the poisoned sno-cones didn't ingest enough of the toxic degreaser to be seriously injured.

Having been partnered to a chef for the past 5 years, I know how easy it is to put some things in the wrong place ... but why in the world do they keep cleaning products anywhere near a food product that could get contaminated??

I really hope that someone is held responsible for what happened.

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Wow...that totally could have been me. I'm a BIG fan of blue sno-cones....of course, I'm nowhere near KS...but still. :-)


OMGosh! Some of these people could have died!1st of all the degreaser, or anything toxic, should not be kept near any type of food. 2nd they shouldn't have them in identical bottles. That's just asking for trouble.