Do You Need A Hug?

I don't know if y'all have heard this, but there are school districts throughout the country that are banning hugging from their campuses. Some are placing "time limits" on their students' hugs.

When did hugging become some vile thing we need to ban along with guns, drugs and smoking?

These are some of the benefits of hugging ...
  • It dispels loneliness.
  • It feels good.
  • It overcomes fear.
  • It opens doors to feelings.
  • It builds self-esteem.
  • It doesn't require any special equipment.
  • It slows down aging (huggers stay young longer).
  • It eases tension.
  • It fights insomnia.
  • It keeps arms and shoulder muscles in condition.
  • It provides stretching exercise if you are short.
  • It provides stooping exercise if you are tall.
  • It offers a wholesome alternative to promiscuity.
  • It can be done anywhere.
  • It makes our day happier.
  • It is democratic (anyone is eligible for a hug).
  • It is free to give and ecologically sound.
  • It imparts feelings of belonging.
  • And it shows people that you care about them!

Maybe I'm not seeing it ... but which one of those things are so horrible that hugging should be banned in our schools?

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My motto has always been, hugs are the greatest invention ever. They make you feel great and they're one of the last free things left in this world.


I find this ridiculous....I'm a hugger and don't see anything wrong with it.