Adam Makes It Official!

Anyone else find it hilarious that everyone is talking about Adam Lambert but not Kris Allen? Kris just signed his record deal with 19 Entertainment/Jive Records but Rolling Stone managed to push that out of the way for Adam's 'coming out'. Kris may become the most irrelevant Idol winner since Taylor Hicks. Something tells me that the Kris-Adam situation is going to end up just like Reuben-Clay ... with the runner-up dominating the winner post-Idol.

After much speculation, Adam Lambert finally came out of the closet. Well, I don't think he was ever really IN the closet but for some reason, people seemed to need him to say it. Why it matters, I'm still not sure ... but you know people like to know everything about everyone. Click here to see the full Rolling Stone article.

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That is one lucky snake on the cover of Rolling Stone with Adam...I don't care if he's gay...he's HOT! His "coming out" was no surprise to most what's the big deal? It's his singing and performances that matter...not his sexuality. That shouldn't make any difference, and he has stated that he doesn't want to be a civil rights poster boy. Adam dominated Kris on Am. Idol and he is and will keep, dominating him now...and I believe that he's got one heck of a career ahead of him. You Rock Adam!!!