The Bachelorette Goes Canadian, Eh

Chris Harrison started this episode off by announcing that the remaining frat boys bachelors would be leaving the nursery school bunkhouse for good ... and flying up to Jillian's hometown, Vancouver. In other words, we get to see most of the guys still be total douchebags ... just in the snow this time.

Like the past few weeks, the guys learned there would again be three dates. First, a one-on-one date, then a group date and then the dreaded two-on-one date. I don't know why they dread it so much. I like it. We get rid of one - or possibly two - of the idiots early.

This week's one-on-one went to Kiptyn. This was probably the first time a date on the show actually resembled a date they'd actually go on in the real world. They went to a store to shop for ingredients to go back to Jillian's house to make dinner. Oh yeah, there was one difference. They traveled by kayak. Do people in Canada really do that? Other than that, exciting tidbit, there wasn't much excitement on the date ... and I liked it that way. We finally got to see that Kiptyn has some actual personality! And yes ... Kip got a rose.

The second date was the painful group date. Basically, this group date was just a sausage party considering 10 of the guys were on it. Fortunately, we wouldn't have to suffer through the group date too long. The guys were broken into two teams of five for a curling match. Is it sad that curling was more exciting than most of the show? Anywho ... the teams were: Robby, Jake, Juan, David & Jesse on one team and Wes, Ed, Michael, Tanner P., and Reid on the other. Basically, they all sucked at it. Then Robby managed to rock the stone and won the match for his team.

The five guys on the winning team got to spend the evening with Jillian while the rest had to go back to their suite and brood about not having won the match. Only a few things happened during the evening. We learned that Jake is "too perfect" and that Jesse is a schmuck that was fawning all over Jillian. And Jesse got the rose ... which we knew he would since he won the game.

Jillian also learned what we already knew ... Mount David is a complete jackass and is close to erupting. Just when you thought David couldn't be more dense, he somehow manages it. During their little talk, David kept talking to her about her ass. Not sure why or how that came up, but he went on and on about it. Then he got "too comfortable" and tried to kiss Jillian but she wouldn't let him.

Then he said, "I don't get a kiss? I've never been turned down for a kiss before." Then he went on about how she's kissing everyone else and he didn't want to be left out. Wrong thing to say. She was appalled at that! After she tried to explain that she's "not that girl" ... David figured out that she is just "testing" him. Um, CLUELESS jackass! Something tells me that Jillian was sorry that she ever kept David around. The first impression was right on that one ... shouldn't have given him a second chance.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see anyone go home on the group date. That would change on date #3 when Jillian would have to choose between Crisco Guy (Mike) and Mark. Um, has Mark even been shown since the first episode? They first went on a helicopter ride. Why wasn't Jillian sitting in the middle? It felt like Mike and Jillian were on a date with Mark tagging along. Mike expressed that he was "sorry" if he made Mark feel like a third wheel. Right. After a lot of talking from Mike during the meal, Jillian had some quality time with each guy.

From the conversations, I felt that Mike cared more about "winning the rose" than he did about falling in love with Jillian and Mark actually can speak. Surprisingly (but happily), Jillian chose Mark to stay. Looks like the Crisco in the kitchen is now safe. Bye Crisco Guy!

The cocktail hour seemed more like a staged "meet and greet" and basically was just a lot of talk about how some of the guys aren't there for the right reasons. Tanner P. even told her that one or more of the guys left still have girlfriends back home. So that cause Jillian to end the cocktail party. And when confronted, the guys clammed up and no one (Wes) manned up and confessed to having a girlfriend. Ironically, no one wanted to out the person (Wes) who had mentioned having a girl waiting back home. In fact, Wes made a big show of denying it. Weird how everyone wants him gone but they won't speak up and say the truth. I would think if they really cared about Jillian, they would say something. Tanner P. is at least half a man ... he at least told her something fishy was going on.

In the end, Jillian eliminated Juan and David. I was surprised about her letting Juan go but I understood the decision. He didn't bring much to the table. David on the other hand didn't go quietly. He asked her why and she couldn't just say, "you're a jackass." So she just said, "I don't know." Someone needs to buy David a clue.

And next week ... Jillian still wants to know who has a girlfriend. Will Wes be outed? Will Mark continue to speak? Will Tanner P. cream himself while sucking on Jillian's toes?

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Thanks for the re-cap...since I had to miss the show, I was wondering what took place. Sounds like I missed a good show.

I the only real good thing was the whole David mess. He actually really thought she was "testing" him and just didn't get that what he did was REALLLLLLY creepy.