The Bachelorette: To Catch a Douchebag

This week on The Bachelorette, Jillian went on three dates - 2 one-on-one dates and 1 group date.

On her first date, she took Ed on a helicopter ride around Los Angeles and then zip-lined off the roof of a building. After that, they spent time in a pool and then had a romantic dinner. I have to say, I didn't think much about Ed before this date. He had been one of the extra 5 guys during the initial cocktail party and to be honest, I was surprised Jillian kept him around. After this date though, I must say he seems like a really nice guy. And for a "geeky" guy, he's actually pretty cute. And as I figured, she gave him the rose and he gets to move into the house with her.

On the second date, Jillian took Reid, Wes, Mike, Michael, Tanner F., Mark, Brad, Robby, Tanner P., Juan and Kiptyn to a movie set to shoot a western. To be honest, the date seemed pretty damn lame. The most exciting thing was Tanner P.'s "Flintstones" inspired vest and chaps. Then we had to witness Wes the douchebag. He "admitted" to Jillian that he is "jealous" of the other guys getting to spend time with her. Unfortunately, it seems that Jillian bought his story. God, she is naive.

After finishing the filming, Jillian and the guys went to have a "wrap party" to hang out and drink. We got to see more of Tanner P. gushing about Jillian's feet and according to Jillian, it took him about 10 seconds before he grabbed her feet and kissed them. CREEPY ALERT!! Then we got to hear David's broken record about Juan and him telling Jillian "what she wants to hear." The rose was given to Robby because he had the best kissing scene of the day.

The final date of the week was with Sasha. He was taking photos of her on various cars in a display room. Then, she gave him a choice of two cars to take a spin in and naturally, he chose the Ferrari. I honestly thought he was more excited about driving the car than he was about being on a date with Jillian. Over dinner he told her about being in a truck accident and winding up paralyzed when his truck landed on him. The question is, was that true or just a line he was trying to win her over with. His big mistake on this date was tell Jillian his theory of finding that one perfect "unicorn" out there for him ... that made her feel like she couldn't live up to be that perfect person. I was glad when she told him that she couldn't give him the rose.

When she gone to bed after the date, Wes took the opportunity to play his song for record companies Jillian to cheer her up. Do we really need to keep listening to him perform that terrible song? He plays it for the guys ... for Jillian ... and I'm waiting to see them show him performing in front of a mirror.

Highlights of the cocktail party :

David is whining because he hasn't had one-on-one time with Jillian. Well, if he spent more time on Jillian and less time whining about Juan, maybe he would get some quality time with Jillian. I really wish Jillian had seen his violent, drunken outbursts. That dude is scary. He has "potential wife beater" written all over him.

Tanner P. is once again babbling about his love of feet. CREEPY ALERT!! He even demonstrated how he would kiss, suck and rub her feet for the camera. I think maybe Jillian is playing to much into his creepy fetish. She even put her feet in his lap again.

Then we go back to David and his delusions. He verbally spewed at Juan and he said he wished that Jillian could have seen him be a real man and speak his mind at Juan. Um, he should be glad she didn't seen him be the biggest douchebag in the history of the series. Well, tied with Wes anyways.

In the end, roses went to everyone except Sasha, Tanner F. and Brad. At least Brad was intelligent. He told the camera he hopes that Jillian doesn't end up with Wes, David or Tanner P.

Me too.

Oh ... next week? Watch David get the Award for Dumbest Man in show history when he actually tries to kiss her and she pulls away. His response? "I don't get a kiss? I've never been turned down for a kiss before." And she replies, "I'm not that girl." I REALLY hope that is foreshadowing his departure from the show.

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