Wanna Suck Daniel Craig?

Okay, maybe not the ACTUAL Daniel Craig but it's close.

Del Monte has created a new popsicle that is in the shape of Daniel Craig and called 'License to Chill'. The UK branch of the company polled over 1,000 British woman and asked them which male celebrity they'd most like to put their lips on. Del Monte used the scene in Casino Royale where Craig emerges from the water as their inspiration.

People in the UK will be able to enjoy Daniel in blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry. And it's under 100 calories.

It would be interesting to see if Del Monte tried to do something similar in the US ... Who would you nominate?

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Is it me, or does that Popsicle have a package?


Omg, I don't think I could begin to choose which celeb I would want for a Popsicle, there are way too many to choose from lmao

This was on WGN' morning news in Chicago this morning...apparently I'm not the only one who think this Popsicle has a package ROFL

However, I wouldn't mind a Hugh Jackmansicle, or a Harrison Fordsicle


this is funny...but the US will never allow this here. I'd like to see a ...wow...I don't know, there are soooo many...lmao!!! I love this post...lol!!!