Battle Of The Crazy Moms

OctoMom vs. Kate Gosselin?

Ok ... maybe not an actual war or anything ... but I found this tidbit amusing. It's been a while since I mentioned the Octopussy OctoMom and I have never mentioned Mussolini Kate Gosselin before, but something I read today made me chuckle.

Apparently, the OctoMom thought people actually cared about how she felt about Kate. I think it is safe to say that no one cares how she feels about anything actually ... but she hasn't realized that yet. Anyways, she decided to make some observations of the TLC star.

She called Kate, "boring,"less educated" and an "attention seeker."

At first I wondered if she was talking about Kate or herself ... hell, they are BOTH attention seekers!

Since no one actually gave her any attention after making those remarks, she decided to issue another statement. This time, she apologized for the comments she made.

"I kind of self-reflected on why I did that, and I felt really guilty. I was annoyed. I was fed up. I was probably misplacing my frustration about all of this invasive media crap onto her."

Um, let's analyze this.

1. How did she go from hating the "unwanted" media attention to making comments about Kate Gosselin? Is she trying to blame Kate for her need to give birth to her own football team and to parade it around the country through TV sets?

2. Does she really think that photographers are only going to show up when SHE wants them to? She can't possibly think that they are going to do what she expects.

3. Does she think that people really are her FANS?

4. Lastly, how could she possibly judge anyone else about the need for attention? If you look up "attention seeker" in the dictionary, that bitch's picture is right there.

Sometimes I wish we had a genie in a bottle so we could wish those two away!

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IMHO...both of these mom's are crazy and living through their children to gain attention...which they are getting...but at the expense of their kids. I don't understand why people care about them enough to watch them on tv and be fans.....sad. I could care less about them.