Church Performs 'Gay Exorcism'

I know of churches or organizations that think they can "rehabilitate" a homosexual person to make them 'heterosexual', but until now I had never heard of anyone thinking they could perform an exorcism on someone to make them straight. Not only did members of the Manifested Glory Ministries (CT) conduct the exorcism, but they also posted a video of it on YouTube. The original was 20 minutes long, but the church has since removed it from the site. Others had copied it and posted it. Here is an excerpt:

Multiple gay and youth advocates are calling the practice abuse and are calling for a full investigation. The church has denied that the teen was injured or that they are prejudiced. According to Rev. Patricia McKinney, the church has "nothing against homosexuals" ... yet they think that homosexuals have demons in them. It amazes me how people through around that phrase even though it is clear that there is evidence of prejudice.

McKinney has tried to say the boy is 18, but the youth confirmed that he is only 16. The boy was eager to have his inner demons driven out of him, though I doubt he knew just what the church leaders would do. What this church did was clearly not in the best interest of the child. At one point they held the boy in a headlock as he was convulsing.

"It's been a hard time for me, but I'm looking good and I'm standing strong because when you have a mandate like mine you're not going to say what you want without the adversary coming after you," McKinney said. "If you are a true prophet you're not going to be popular with the people."

It is people like this who give Christians a bad reputation. This woman is clearly delusional and perhaps a bit narcissistic. It amazes me still that there are people who think you can just "become" straight by prayer or exorcism. All you can do is live a lie and hide in the closer for the rest of your life ... but you'll still be a homosexual.

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It saddens me to think that this young man had to pretend to have the gay demons exorcised from his body in order to be accepted by his family and friends... The fact that he played along shows just how far we still have to come in our fight for gay rights in this country... So sad...


This is very disturbing, to say the least!!! Watching this made me cry for the boy. This church, and others like it, should be shut down..but I'm sure they never will. In fact, there's no telling how many churches practice this. What really brought tears to my eyes and upset me the most was the man holding him in a neck-hold. He could have killed the boy. And no wonder why he was "convulsing"...he was trying to get out of this man's grasp on him! These people are beyond ignorant if they believe that you can exorcise away homosexuals. I'm straight but even I know that this is not possible. In my humble opinion,I believe that the people performing this exorcism should have one performed on themselves for their cruelty and ignorance.