She Gives 'Frito Lay' A New Meaning

This something that you would probably see on the Maury Show. They often have people who admit to having sex for many things ... money, jewelry, clothes.

This woman can beat all that.

She accepted potato chips as payment.

No really ... she did. Well, at least it was a case of chips.

36-year-old Lahoma Sue Smith of Oklahoma City was fined $1,142 after pleading no contest to prostitution after she was accused of accepting the case of chips as payment. She was arrested after police found her in a car with a man who knew he could find a prostitute in that area.

Smith said that the man didn't have money so she agreed to accept the $30 case of chips as payment.

She must not have been very good at her job if she was only getting $30 for the job. I hope she got to eat the chips at least. Those were some expensive chips!

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No one can eat just one!!!