More Lost In Translation

I think the person who made this label was high on something ... or just stupid.

I don't think there are words that could express how wrong this is!

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I go over to China a couple times a year with new product designs and specs for packaging and labels and invariably, they mess it up. Even with drawing and large, clear block letters, they manage to make a mess of things. Heaven forbid you complain about it cause then all you get is 'solly, solly' with a big smile and a look in the eyes that says 'bite me!' I have lots of great contacts in China and generally appreciate the people and culture but in the manufacturing world, we are the small fry so they really aren't too concerned about getting it right. Also, they are as baffled by the western keyboard as we are by the chinese and that doesn't help things any. Re; the second pic, all I can say is; it IS called the Wicked Wok after all!