SYTYCD : Top 20 Results Show

Thursday nights are always bittersweet on So You Think You Can Dance. On one hand we get to see the group routine and the solos, but on the other hand we do have to lose two contestants. n seasons past, there has always been a couple of the dancers who deserve to go home in the first few weeks. Surprisingly, last night it wasn't a matter of who was good or bad ... just who danced well enough to get people to vote.

You may remember that I predicted the bottom 3 would be Asuka & Vitolio, Carla & Jonathan and Kayla & Max. I also had put Paris & Tony as one of the couples who could be in danger after last night's performance show. Well, I pretty much called it! The Bottom 3 was Asuka & Vitolio, Paris & Tony and Carla & Max.

After a special Latin Ballroom performance, we got to see the 6 dancers perform their solos. We got to see some very diverse solos ... salsa, contemporary, hip-hop and ballroom. For me, the stand-outs were Carla's lyrical, Asuka's ballroom with "attitude", and Jonathan's ballroom. As for the rest, Tony's solo was all flash and no substance, I didn't get Vitolio's solo and Paris' solo wasn't near as powerful as she'd danced in the auditions.

After a performance by Sean Kingston, the judges revealed that Paris and Tony would be leaving the competition. I really thought they would just manage to be safe - that's why I didn't put them in my Bottom 3. At the end of that day ... you need to bring it every night if you hope to continue in the competition.

By the way ... keep voting for EVAN! He's the best dancer ... and adorable to boot!

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