More Victories!

Change is definitely happening in this country.

While there are many bigots out there who want to stop gays from being declared EQUAL through marriage equality and domestic partnership laws, we are still earning more victories.

Recently, the governor of New Hampshire asked the state House to restructure their version of the marriage equity bill that had been sent to the Senate for approval. The Senate had already included what the governor wanted in their version. This past weekend, the two sides found an acceptable compromise that the governor was willing to sign.

The governor was looking to protect the churches in NH from being forced to perform marriage ceremonies that were contradictory to their religious beliefs. This just goes to show that there are still people who think marriage is a religious matter. IT IS NOT. It is only a religious matter within their own religion! Legal marriage is a CIVIL matter. Personally, I have no problem with churches not wanting to perform gay marriage. We don't need them to do it.

Both the Senate and the House will vote this week on the compromised bill.

Also recently, the Nevada legislature voted through a domestic partnership bill. Governor Jim Gibbons vetoed the bill. This weekend, the Assembly voted 28-14 to override the veto and the state Senate voted 14-7 to override the veto. Sorry Gibbons ... JUSTICE won!

It may not be legalizing gay marriage, but it's a big step in the right direction.

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Great news. My personal views are that everyone is created equal...and the laws should reflect it, not discriminate against gays or any other group of people.