SYTYCD : Top 18 Performs

Well, here we are at week two. Last week, we lost Paris and Tony and this week proved to not be as strong as last week. I think we could see some producer favorites in trouble of being eliminated tomorrow night. Tonight's show also marked the return of Shane Sparks and Brian Freidman ... so you know there was even more great choreography. Also, we got to see the work of a new addition to the show ... Stacey Tookey, the best choreographer from the Canadian version of the show.

Getting A Callback

Randi & Evan - Jive w/ Louis VanAmstel - Fun, playful and full of personality ... just what a jive should be! Boo on the judges for criticizing Evan! Remember, this is America's FAVORITE dancer ... not just the one with the best technique. On a side note ... how great did Evan's butt look in those tight pants?!? Now that deserves to be on Mary's 'Hot Tamale Train'! I can't imagine them not being safe this week.

Kayla & Max - Pop Jazz w/ Brian Freidman - I'm thrilled that Brian is back to choreographing on the show. It's been way too long since we've seen one of his routines on the show! Once again, Brian created a very abstract routine. Kayla was a princess and Max was auditioning for her, but he is really just trying to steal her throne. Max was able to do a good job considering he is a ballroom dancer Kayla really shined in the performance. I think they should be safe this week.

Carla & Jonathan - Contemporary w/ Stacey Tookey - Stacey is new to the US version of the show, but I can see why they recruited her from SYTYCD Canada. She reminds me of what Mia Michaels would be like if she was a cheerleader. Ha! In this routine, Carla & Jon were two strangers having a chance encounter. I'm not sure I got that from the routine but I definitely loved the choreography. As for the dancers, Carla was amazing in it and Jonathan easily surpassed the expectations anyone had for him in this style. Mary even said that he danced this style better than his own! I'm hoping they can stay away from the Bottom 3 this week, they deserve to be safe!

Squeakin' By

Melissa & Ade - Jazz w/ Sonya - It's awesome to see Sonya's first routine of the season. Of course, I was expecting someone really out there and Sonya did not disappoint! I know the judges thought the two danced it extremely well, but I don't agree. I think that Ade was very good but I found Melissa lacking in many ways. I think the routine really needed the two to get "dirrrrrty" and while Melissa came very far in that direction, she didn't quite get there. I know this new to her, coming from the ballet world, but for me it brought down the level of the routine a few notches. I think it is possible that they could find themselves dancing for their lives tomorrow night.

Jeanine & Phillip - Tango w/ Tony Meredith - Tony was nervous during the rehearsal video and I knew why. Phillip was having a tough time mastering the choreography. It's harder for him than probably anyone else in the competition. He is AMAZING in his own style but the further you get away from that style, the harder it is going to be for him. Honestly, though, I thought he did a better job that what I was expecting. It was still difficult to watch. Jeanine. however, was very good tonight. I think that Phillip's popularity should keep them out of the Bottom 3 tomorrow night.

Jeanette & Brandon - Disco w/ Dorianna Sanchez - This was easily the fastest, and most difficult, routine that Dorianna has created for the show. The judges admitted there was one slight mistake but overall, they had done an awesome job. I disagree ... and I think when the judges watch the playback, they'll see the many mistakes that I saw. They had clear synchronization problems in more than one place and twice Jeanette tripped. I will say, though, this was a wickedly difficult routine. Plus, neither of them are experienced in this style of dance so I do applaud their effort. I think they'll be safe but you never know.

Probably Dancing For Their Lives

Kaitlyn & Jason - Hip Hop w/ Shane Sparks - I know ... I have been supporting Kaitlyn since I first saw her in the auditions. I think she'll be safe but based on their performance tonight, she and Jason deserve to be in the Bottom 3. Jason was blah and Kaitlyn wasn't hitting the moves sharp enough or hard enough for me ... and I'm sure that Shane was even more disappointed. Hip Hop, even in its "softer" form, is down and "dirrrty" and these two were just too squeaky clean to be believable. It was more of a farce IMO. The chemistry we saw last week just wasn't there tonight. It wouldn't surprise me to see them in the Bottom 3. That said, I think they'd survive to make it to next week.

Asuka & Vitolio - Waltz w/ Louis VanAmstel - I wasn't as touched by the performance as the judges were. I thought Asuka was breathtaking tonight but Vitolio seemed kind of amateurish next to her. While it struck a chord emotionally, I think Vitolio struggled too much. I'm not sure these two can avoid being in the Bottom 3 again this week. I just don't think they are developing a connection to the audience in the same way that other couples have been able to do quickly. I think they could be in real trouble of going home.

Ashley & Kupono - Hip Hop w/ Shane Sparks - I guess it wasn't a good night for Shane's routines! Neither couple really seemed to do justice to his routines. All he can do is give them the steps ... they have to put something more into it to make it a performance. In this one, Ashley was dancing as Kupono's shadow. The problem was that Kupono struggled very badly and that made it impossible for Ashley to be his 'shadow' effectively. She actually did quite well despite Kupono throwing off the synchronization. I think it will come down between them and Asuka & Vitolio as to who goes home.

My Bottom 3

Ashley & Kupono
Asuka & Vitolio
Kaitlyn & Jason

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