Something Good Has Happened

I know I haven't said much about my medical stuff lately ... but I don't like to seem like I am whining since I hardly ever have anything good to mention. Finally, something positive happened for me!

I have been trying to find a clinic that won't make me pay. For those who don't know, I am fighting for disability and therefore, I have no income. I also don't have insurance. Just going to my pain specialist is $107 per visit plus $125 for my meds. If I wanted the meds I really need, it would cost more like $400. Since it is so expensive - and my partner is working and making only a fraction of what he used to - I haven't been able to get some things checked out that I need to.

About 8 months ago, I started having some breathing troubles. I was born with asthma so I know what that feels like and this isn't asthma. You know the feeling you get when you have the wind knocked out of you? I get that for just a second and it goes away as quickly as it came. Weird, huh? My pain doctor is worried that my medication is causing it. So, I haven't been taking the dose that I really need and I won't until we can figure out what's the problem and do something about it. Unfortunately, that means I am in bed a LOT.

So a friend of ours gave us the number for his caseworker at the Heart Clinic in Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, to receive free services there you have to be HIV+. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I don't qualify! I could go there still, but it would cost too much. The lady I spoke with there was awesome! (Side note: If you're in Baton Rouge, have HIV and have little-to-no income, I can give you the number) She gave me a website to help me find somewhere to check into and recommended one in Baton Rouge to me as well.

Before I mention the good part, I have to tell y'all about the first one. I am sure you'll find this as absurd as I do. I called a place called Capital City Family Health which is on Florida Blvd. in Baton Rouge. This was the place the lady at the Heart clinic mentioned to me. When I FINALLY got someone to pick up their phone, I was sorry she did. I just love talking to "ignunt" people who can barely speak proper English!

I asked her about the payment/fee information. She informed me that without insurance and with no income, it would be $134.00 to see a doctor. WHAT? That's even more expensive than going to a specialist! Strangely enough, if I had minimal income it would be cheaper than not having it. And this place is supposed to be helping people get affordable medical care. I asked her why they don't have cheaper or free services and she said, "I ain't got any idea. It used to bes that way but I guess it ain't no mo." Yes, that's really what she said. I pointed out to her that their website says they provide services without regard to ability to pay. I ended up leaving a nice voicemail for the CEO inquiring about what she told me. If I don't hear back from her, I may consider talking to one of the local news stations because that is pure BS.

Anyways ... on to the good stuff. I found a place in Houma, LA, which is only 20 minutes up the road from our house. Heck, Baton Rouge is an hour's drive from here and I always end up in crippling pain just from the drive itself. I talked to one of the ladies in the office and she told me that I will only have to pay $10 for a visit! They also have mental health services which I have needed for awhile now. And I have an appointment for a week from Monday ... not in 2 months!

Now we just have to figure out what is going on and get me medicated!

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Great news....I'll keep all my fingers (and legs!) crossed for you.

ty! But John ... if you keep your legs crossed we can't get in there! hehe


I'm so so Happy for's about time that you were able to find a place that could actually help you that didn't cost an arm and a leg and could see you so soon and was close to home. I hope and pray they find out that it is nothing seriously wrong and can be easily treated. ~~Hugs~~


It is GREAT that you are able to find a place that can treat you and is on a payment level that is realistic for people with limited means. There are not enough of those clinics in this country, yet you see every celebrity known to man begging us to help fund free clinics in FOREIGN countries!!!! Makes me sick!!

Hope you can get the help you need....MUAH!! :D