SYTYCD : Vegas Week Pt. 2

Well, we now have our Top 20!

The Boys

Ade (ah-day)

Brandon & Evan were mentioned in previous recaps and I'm excited to see Evan in the Top 20! I was upset that the producers decided to leave the last spot between Evan and his brother Ryan. Unfortunately, two "Broadway" style dancers weren't going to be put into the finals. Brandon made it based on his technical abilities ... but he is going to have trouble winning over the audience I think.

Of the other guys, I think Tony and Phillip will be crowd favorites. Phillip is an incredible "pop/lock" dancer. He is probably the first 'b-boy' on the show who looks like he could do almost any style. Obviously, I am rooting for Evan.

The Girls

Askau (Os-kah)

Well, I did better with the girls in picking who should make it to the live shows. Janette, Askau, Paris and Kaitlyn have all made it into the Top 20. Kaitlyn being chosen surprised me a bit since she had to dance for her life during Vegas week and just barely missed getting cut. That may help her do well on the show ... let's not forget, Season 2 winner Benji had to dance for his life during Vegas week too.

I think Melissa and Askau will have the toughest time winning over the viewers. Melissa is a ballet dancer and Askau is a ballroom dancer. Dancers in both styles have had difficulties on seasons past. Hopefully they can change it this season and go far in the competition. On the girl's side, I'm pulling for Kaitlyn.

It will be interesting to see how they pair the contestants together. Usually, they try to pick pairs that complement each other. This season, they seem to have a lot of contemporary dancers and I'm not sure they'll have trouble adapting to styles where neither person has experience. Seven of the ten guys and six of the ten girls are contemporary/jazz dancers. This isn't the most diverse group style-wise ... at least compared to the previous four seasons.

I am hoping they pair Evan with Paris or Kaitlyn ... that should keep them around at least until the Top 10. Throughout the season, I'll be asking y'all to vote for my boy Evan. Not only can he dance, but it's adorable as well!

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