What's In A Name?

Well folks ... it is time for some changes.

As I mentioned sometime last month, I am planning on making some aesthetic changes to my blog once I finally have broadband back. Yes, I am still on dial-up.

The first thing I plan to change is the name. I came up with the current name back when I did this on a whim and I never expected that many people to read it and I certainly didn't expect to ever reach 8,000 hits (which I hit last week!).

So here's my challenge to all of y'all. I want suggestions for possible names. Silly, serious, ironic, sarcastic ... whatever you think sounds good and fits the personality of my blog. Then, I will put a poll up with some of the best suggestions and let y'all vote on the best name. My husband said he gets final say ... but we'll see about that!

Ok ... start posting those names!

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These are all I can come up with at the moment:
David's Demented Dialogue OR
David's Deranged Dialogue

I'll try to come up with more. You should put this post back at the top so more people will see it and can submit their ideas. ~~Hugs~~