The Bachelorette : The End of Wes?

Well folks, I must admit that I missed the first half of tonight's episode. From what I gather, I didn't miss much. I made it home in time for most of Ed's date and I did hear her say that she declined the "fantasy suite" with Reid and Kiptyn. I wasn't surprised when she went to the suite with Ed, though. As she put it, Ed needed to "catch up" to the other guys. I have a feeling she has already decided that Ed is 'the one'.

I found it interesting that she declined the first two opportunities. She said that she wasn't ready for that with them yet, but she did go with Ed. And Ed has had less time with her than the first two! Plus, last season she did go with Jason. Now there is some food for thought. Oh, I bet you're wondering if she spent the night with Wes, too. Well, they didn't really get to that point.

As we all know, Wes has a girlfriend. I don't care how many different times he states that he doesn't have one and despite his pleadings, he isn't a bad liar. He's actually done quite well to keep it from her (or so they'd have us believe). I also don't take a whole lot of confidence in Laurel's attempts to also deny that they are still in a relationship. If she really wasn't, she wouldn't be trying so hard to keep this stuff in the media. How much you want to bet that she wants to be an actress? Oh, and apparently she has a thing for Bachelor men ... she dated Brad Womack.

As for their date, they spent the whole day together and things started unraveling at dinner. Apparently, Jillian felt that Wes was being distant with her during the day and she decided that it was time for another round of "Does Wes have a girlfriend?" Once again, he denied it and started doing a monologue about not being with this Laurel person. Wes even told Jillian that "Numero Uno" is what is most important and the person he is most concerned with on the show. I know, right. Such a shock that he is only looking out for himself. Then he mad e a serious blunder.

He meant to say "my ex-girlfriend," but what came out was "girlfriend. I mean, ex-girlfriend."

Yeah, I think it was kind of awkward at the point. There was a moment or two of silence and then Wes picked up the "fantasy suite" card and read it out loud. He said that they should go for it. Jillian just looked at him with a look on her face that said, "what the fuck?!" I laughed really loud at that moment. It was the look we've all been waiting for! Then she put him in a cab and said good night. That was probably the biggest 'dis' ever on the show. Oh, another great Wes-ism was, "I have a song off my 2nd album that is #2 in Chihuahua, Mexico."

I thought it hilarious to see Wes so confident at the beginning of the Rose Ceremony. In fact, after Ed and Reid received their roses, Kiptyn told Wes that Wes could be leaving and Wes said, "it ain't me dude."

WRONG! There is no more Wes. I'd like to think that Jillian finally saw through Wes' act. I think it is more believable that she already knew about his situation and kept him around for the producers to draw out the storyline as much as they could. The funniest part was his "confessional" in the limo. He went on about how he is the first bachelor in history to get to the final 4 with a girlfriend and that "everyone's gonna know my name." Oh, and he already is planning a tour and all to promote his band's new CD. He thinks people will actually buy this one.

I'm sure that CD will be in the $3 bin in just a week or two.

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