The Bachelorette : The Return

Let's face it. This season has been pretty boring. In fact, the final 5 guys may be the most boring group of contestants in show history. This week was the hometown visits, which usually provide some entertaining moments. There were some 'surprises' this week, although, they aren't surprises when we already know they're going to happen.

So, for the hometown visits. What did we learn? Reid's family thought she should marry him to be a part of their contractor business as a designer. Michael has a twin brother who is even less interesting than himself. Kiptyn's family is a bunch of pretentious snobs. Jesse's family is "toast" ... if you've seen My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding, you'll know what I mean. As for Wes? His band got a ton of airtime and his mother clearly doesn't know her son very well because she told Jillian that he is a 'straight-up, honest guy'. Have they met? Apparently not.

As we knew from last week, Jake flies to Austin to tell Jillian about Wes' girlfriend. So, he just happened to fly to Austin and call Tanner, of all people, to make sure he's doing the right thing, and we're supposed to believe he just did this all on his own? As was revealed in an interview, Jake supposedly approached the producers about getting one more chance to speak to Jillian. At first, they decline, but when he explains he wants to warn her about Wes, they agree to let him. If you believe he did it all on his own, you're an idiot.

The question would be if Jillian would believe Jake or Wes. I don't think it matters. The producers will get her to keep Wes around as long as they can to add some drama to the boring season. They have to do something to get viewers to watch, right? After the weakest, and most awkward, television argument ever, Jake left and Jillian & Wes did some whiny banter before going to see Wes' family. Of course, they don't show her saying who she believes. Come on, you know she knows! I just think she is halfway interested in a couple guys and what's the harm of keeping the "bad boy" around to create some drama for the viewers. If anyone buys that this guy actually thinks he is a "bad liar" and

Then, another "surprise" ... Ed is back! He 're=prioritized' and realized that being on a television dating show was more important than his job. Don't get me wrong, I liked Ed. I just lost any respect I had for the guy when he did this. Last time I checked, it's pretty important these days to make sure that you keep your job. Anyone else think this was planned? Yeah, looks that way to me too. Regardless, Jillian tells Ed to come to the Rose Ceremony and she'd make her decision there.

At the rose ceremony, roses were given to Reid, Kiptyn, Ed, and Wes. What a surprise. At least we know the Wes will be elimination on Monday night's episode. Also, the commercials for the show have already shown us Wes telling Jillian he has a girlfriend. Can't wait to see what she thinks of him being an ass on television to sell CDs.

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