Dumb Teachers

Is it just me or are we seeing a lot of stories about idiotic behavior from teachers?

The first one I read about tonight was a North California elementary school teacher named Crystal Defanti, who sent her students home for the summer with a video of class memories for them to enjoy. Dumbass should have thought to watch the DVD before giving it to the students. Had she done that, she'd have caught a huge mistake she made.

The DVD contained 6 seconds of her having sex on her couch!

Initially, the Sacramento area school sent a letter home to parents asking them to return the DVDs, but then switched to asking them just to destroy them. No word on any kind of punishment for the bonehead teacher. What would y'all suggest?

The second teacher was a Yakima, Wash., woman named Sue Graham who decided to send a 5-year-old student home with a surprise in his backpack.

Feces! That's right, the woman put a plastic bag containing poop with a note that read, "This little turd was found on the floor in my room." The child was moved out of her classroom following the incident.

Initially, the district had said that "appropriate action" was taken against the longtime teacher but KIMA-TV had requested public disclosure of the incident. A letter sent to the teacher in May was released by the school. In the letter, the teacher was warned that similar behavior in the future will result in disciplinary action, including termination.

Wait, does that mean she wasn't punished? If all she got was a warning letter, I don't see how that is "appropriate actions" being taken.

Seems to me these two are in the wrong line of work.

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A friend of mine had a kid in preschool. He had an 'accident' one day so of course Mom was contacted about it and they changed the kid's clothes and sent the dirty ones home. When the kid got home, she opened his backpack to find the soiled clothes in a baggie...and the poop still in the pants! Oh boy did she raise heck with the school.