SYTYCD : Top 14 Performs

I have to say that this season may be the most talented season from top to bottom. Normally, we'd see some dancers who don't perform live as well as they did during the auditions. This season, I think it is more a matter of taste than a matter of talent. At times, all the dancers have shown brilliance on the live show, but as they say ... someone must go again this week.

Before the dancing even began, Mia had something to say. She was asked what it was that she wanted to let everyone know and I had a feeling I knew what it was. Back during the audition process, she let her feelings about Brandon abundantly clear. She was NOT impressed with him. I think it was more that there had been this huge buildup throughout the year about his talent and he was doing just enough to get through but not doing anything really, really special. As Mia said, those who teachers see the most promise in tend to be the toughest on those individuals. Without naming any names, Mia announced that her opinion about a person on the show had changed. Well Mia, I'm still not terribly impressed.

Jeanette & Brandon - Cha-Cha w/ Jean-Marc & Frances - Jeanette is a salsa dancer so she should be right at home doing the Cha-Cha and she was! I thought she was incredible but Brandon just wasn't up to her level. I know the judges were impressed with his performance, but I just haven't seen a reason to root for him. Just because someone is a wonderful dancer does not mean they will be able to do well in the competition. This is America's favorite dancer ... not necessarily the best dancer. I'd like to see what Brandon does in a solo. I think they could end up in the Bottom 3 this week.

Kayla & Kupono - Contemporary w/ Sonya - I like that Sonya has gotten back to her "darker" side of choreographing. Kayla was pulling away from Death while Kupono is trying to pull her towards it. Kayla was probably more amazing in this performance than in any one so far, and that is saying something. Kupono's problem is that I didn't notice him all the much. Even when he was lifting her, my eyes were focused on Kayla. Sorry Nigel, Kupono is not the "new man" that you thought he was. They'll probably be in the Bottom 3 and Kupono may end up going home.

Randi & Evan - Broadway w/ Joey Dowling - Joey is new to the show and it surprised me that Tyce wasn't choreographing the routine. The pair danced a number from the hit show Sweet Charity, which was the legendary Bob Fosse's directorial debut on Broadway. The routine was very much inspired by the "Mod" style and, despite Nigel's comments, was PERFECT for Evan! All I can say is that his character was extremely difficult and he never broke it. Also, Randi was extremely good, even if not her best. They SHOULD be safe.

Kaitlyn & Jason - Pop Jazz w/ Brian Freidman - Um, this was weird. I dig Brian's stuff normally but I just didn't care for this. Kaitlyn was an alien who destroyed Earth and is looking to impregnate Jason. They've been in the Bottom 3 the past 2 weeks and they didn't need something the viewers wouldn't get. I hope they make it to next week but I wouldn't be shocked to see them in danger again.

Jeanine & Phillip - Hip Hop w/ Napoleon & Tabita aka. Nappie Tabs - I think this is easily the best hip hop routine this season and quite possibly, in the entire series. The pair were bound together by a length of chain to demonstrate how each couple on the show needs to work as a pair. I must admit I was nervous about the chain but they coped with it extremely well. These two are one of the two best couples on this show! They should be safe.

Melissa & Ade - Pas de Deux w/ Thordal Christensen - This is the first time this classic ballet style or Thordal have been on the show. The two danced the famous love scene from Romeo & Juliet and I have to say, Melissa was absolutely exquisite. This was her lifelong dream and she was a dream in the role. I'm not a fan of Ade. I didn't believe it from him. I think maybe it is his personality I just don't like. Someone needs to tell him to get that damn pick out of his hair during the video packages. I still think they'll be safe. I'm hoping it is Melissa they are voting for and not Ade. I'd hate to see him even make the finals.

Carla & Vitolio - Quick Step w/ Jean-Marc & Frances - Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Jean-Marc's choreography. I think the problem with this performance is that neither person is a ballroom dancer. They've both been in the Bottom 3 twice and I am afraid they'll be there again.

My Bottom Three

Carla & Vitolio
Kayla & Kupono
Kaitlyn & Jason

I think it will be the same couples who've been in the Bottom 3 a lot already. I think the viewers have already decided who their favorites are. I think from this grouping, it should be Carla and Vitolio going home this week. Interesting to see that it is the Contemporary dancers who seem to be finding their way into the Bottom 3 week after week.

The producers of the show also made an announcement in order to fill the extra time. They've created the Dizzy Feet Foundation (note: Nigel's Twitter name is dizzyfeet) which will help kids have access to classes and schools that normally wouldn't have the opportunity. Debi Allen, Carrie Ann Inaba and many others are involved. What made me choke was that Miley Cyrus is on the steering committee! She doesn't dance! Hell, she can barely sing! Oh, and Katie Holmes is involved and later in the season, we will be forced to watch her dance. Lord, help us.

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