SYTYCD : Top 14 Results Show

I have to say, I'm not sure how I feel about the Top 14 group number. I know Tyce D'Orio is a great jazz choreographer but for me, it is his Broadway numbers that are his bread and butter. I thought the 'picture frame' prop was interesting but there were so many people doing so many different things simultaneously that I couldn't focus on anything. Maybe if I watch it a few more times it will grow on me. But I doubt that.

As for the results, I have to say I was really shocked by one of the Bottom 3 couples. It's one of the couples I thought might actually get to the Top 10 without ever being in the Bottom 3. So here we go ...

First up to hear their fates were Carla & Vitolio and Evan & Randi. It was no surprise when Cat said that one couple would be safe and the other dancing for their lives in the competition. After watching the clips from last night, it was revealed that Evan & Randi were ... SAFE! Something tells me that this couple is right up at the top of the standings. It was no shock to me to see Carla & Vitolio in the bottom. In four weeks of live shows, both of them had now been in the Bottom 3 for three of the four weeks.

Next up were Jeanette & Brandon, Kayla & Kupono and Melissa & Ade. First to be sent to safety was Jeanette & Brandon. Again, it was not surprising when Cat revealed that Kayla & Kupono would once again be dancing to stay in the competition. Mia made it clear that she was shocked to see them in the Bottom 3 again. I have to say I don't think it is Kayla's fault they're in danger of leaving.

Lastly, the final two couples, Kaitlyn & Jason and Jeanine & Phillip, were brought out to hear their fates. I was shocked to hear that Jeanine & Phillip were in the Bottom 3! As Mary pointed out, it was weird that they'd gotten through Broadway and Ballroom without being in the Bottom but they do Hip Hop (Phillip's genre) and they end up there. The great part about this is that at least we get to see them do solos on their own styles for the first time.

The solos were a bit anti-climatic. Jeanine was phenomenal and Phillip was quite strong, but those were the only highlights. Vitolio and Kupono did dreadful solos. Neither one of them were at the caliber necessary to survive on this show. Still, I thought Kupono was slightly better. Kayla really could have done more with her solo. We've already seen her do awesome solos, so we know she is capable of it. Carla was a major disappointment. She was the first soloist and I already knew she'd probably be cut.

In the end, Carla and Vitolio finally got cut from the competition. To be honest, Vitolio should have been sent home in week 1, so at least he managed to last 3 more weeks.

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