SYTYCD : Top 6 Perform

Can you believe the finale is just one week away? I hope that the choreography gets a lot better for next week. The talent of the dancers might be increased this season, but the routines are not nearly as good as seasons past. Onto the recap!

Dance 1

Jeanine & Ade - Samba w/ Louis VanAmstel - They said they were pushing the "sexy" envelope but I don't think they ever even got to the vicinity of sexiness. Ade looked stiff and cheesy. I found it interesting that even though he was dancing with the most attractive female on the show, he came off looking really "gay" ... and ironically, they were dancing to Lady GaGa's "disco stick" song. Hopefully the voters will see just how bad Ade was and get rid of him!

Melissa & Evan - Broadway w/ Tyce Diorio - "Get me to the church on time" was the theme of the routine where Evan is the nervous groom and Melissa is his bride-to-be trying to get him to the church. Tyce said it all when he said that "Evan is a dream" to choreography in a Broadway number. 'Lil C is clearly an idiot to think that Evan didn't live up to expectations! Even Mary said that this routine could be renamed, "get me to the FINALE on time!"

[Side note: How great did Evan look in his underwear! Only he could make sock suspenders look sexy!]

Kayla & Brandon - Contemporary w/ Stacey Tookey - Technically this was a great performance but something was missing. I just didn't much chemistry between the two. I still think they danced wonderfully though.

Dance 2

Jeanine & Ade - Hip Hop w/ Nappie Tabs - This was another case of the choreography being much better than the performance. They weren't synchronized in some parts and at times Jeanine looked like a cheerleader trying to dance hip hop. I can't even say the choreography was that great. We need Wade, Shane and Mia choreography a lot more like they used to!

Melissa & Evan - Quick Step w/ Louis VanAmstel - I was very nervous for Evan when they announced the 2nd dance genre they had chosen. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it could be. 'Lil C was FINALLY impressed with the size of Evan's dancing. I did think that Mary shouldn't be critical of the dancers if the routine that has been choreographed isn't a true traditional quick step! They had fun and it was fun watching them - THAT is the point of this show!

Kayla & Brandon - Disco w/ Dorianna Sanchez - Once again, Dorianna choreographed a great energetic disco routine. I was exhausted just watching them! Like the first performance, I still didn't see the chemistry between the two dancers that really needs to be there for it to be a complete success. Also, the two seemed a bit manic at times. I can't blame them too much for losing some of the energy towards the end. I'm amazed they made it through without collapsing!

Group Numbers

Guys - Sonya created a "willy wonka" style routine with the guys being like moving pictures that come to a stop. Evan may not have danced the biggest, but even the judges thought he was the one who stood out the most. The other two met the expectations people had for them, but Evan surpassed what was expected from him. The guys, IMO, gave the better performance.

Girls - While the guys opened the show in a dynamic way, the same can't be said of how the girls ended the show. Sonya created a superhero of a routine but the girls didn't dance up to a super level. It seemed more like 3 people dancing on the same stage rather than a team of 3 dancing together. They could have really shined in this performance but they didn't.

Solo Performances

Kayla - Strong but not spectacular.

Ade - He was manic and out of control. I think it is definitely his time to finally leave the competition.

Melissa - For once, she didn't bore me. However, I don't think her solo is big enough to compete with the other two girls. This might be her last week on the show.

Brandon - Yes, it's a brilliant performance. However, we've already seen it twice before!

Jeanine - Wasn't as fluid as we normally see her but she's done enough to make the finale.

Evan - He received the biggest applause out of the 6 dancers when he was introduced. He makes it all look so easy! He is easily the best performer on the show.

Who's going home? I think that Ade is clearly the guy who has not earned a place in the finale. Out of the girls, I think Jeanine is safely into the finale but I'm not sure which girl will join her there. Both Melissa and Kayla have spent time in the danger zone throughout the season. I think that Kayla deserves to be there just a fraction more than Melissa does.

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