SYTYCD : Top 6 Results Show

I apologize for the lateness of this posting but I didn't realize that I hadn't done it!

Can you believe next week is the season finale? Doesn't seem like it was really that long ago that we were watching these dancers get discovered across America and watching trainwrecks like "Sex" insult the art of dance. Anyone wanna bet we'll see that idiot again in the Fall season audition shows? I'll be glad when he is too old to audition!

But back to the Top 6!

The show started with an incredible performance called Send in the Clowns, choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Throughout the show, we were treated to encore performances of the 4 Emmy-nominated routines from last season, including Mia Michaels' Mercy (feat. Twitch & Katee) and Tyce's Silence (feat. Jessica & Will).

After Kat has sent Brandon and Jeanine into the Finale (as expected), it is time for the other four dancers to perform their solos from the previous night again. Out of the 4, only Evan's is even entertaining, so why do we have to nap through the other 3 again? It's painful to watch Melissa and Ade do another boring routine.

After another craptastic guest performer, Kat announces that Melissa and Ade are finally going home. It was a great run for the two considering they should have been eliminated weeks ago.

That means that Evan, Jeanine, Brandon and Kayla will be fighting for the title of America's Favorite Dancer. Of course, I'm voting for EVAN!

Here's a reminder of why Evan should win:

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