What Are Parents NOT Teaching Their Kids?

Apparently, the answer to that question is how to act in public.

More so, respect for other people.

Case in point.

Two parents in West Yorkshire, U.K., took their 2 children to see the new Harry Potter film. During the movie, the 46-year-old mother asked a group of at least 5 teenagers to stop making noise.

Following the movie, the family went to a nearby restaurant to have dinner.

Two members of the group had followed the family to the restaurant and threw bleach over the mother's head and back. She suffered burns to her skin and possible permanent eye damage. Both teens, 16, have been arrested for the crime.

First, why do teenagers think it's okay to act like idiots out in public? It's like the rules at home get forgotten when they're out of their parents' sight. Now, having worked at a kids' retail store I know that many parents don't even practice what they preach to their kids. Seems as times goes on, teenagers have become even more disrespectful in public venues.

Second, why in the world would these teenagers think that pouring bleach on someone was a reasonable reaction to the woman calmly asking them to keep down the noise so people could enjoy the film? What the hell are they getting (or not getting) as a role model at home? Is this really what our teenagers are becoming?

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