SYTYCD : Los Angeles Auditions

Anyone else glad we don't have to wait until next summer to watch So You Think You Can Dance?

Last night was the first audition city and so far, no Sex! Maybe we'll not have to endure him this season. Surely he is getting to be too old to audition by now?

We had a good mixture of first-time auditioners and some of the favorites to make it to the Top 20 this season.

As for the returning dancers, the most notable were Ryan Kasperzak (Evan's brother!) and fellow tapper, Bianca Revels. Adam Shankman even called Ryan's audition the "best audition ever on this show!" That's some very high praise. Then, they didn't even really have Bianca audition (unless they just didn't show it). Instead, we got a "tap battle" between her and Ryan. AMAZING!

Two other amazing dancers were Mollee Gray (who was a principal dancer in the HSM movies) and Amber Williams, who was so light on her feet that even the judges never heard her feet make a sound. I expect the two of them to do well in Vegas. I think Amber has the better shot at Top 20.

Of course, with the great comes the disgusting. I don't remember the weirdo's name but it's the guy who decided it was a great idea to speak his music. Or rather, random words that got weirder and weirder. Stuff like "shatter, shatter, shatter" and "the candles blow out too". You know, the stuff they say in movies to make fun of performance artists and the like.

All in all, it was a great set of auditions to kick of Season 6!

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