Going Too Far?

I am sure those of y'all with kids have threatened to tape their mouth shut.

Some of you might have actually gone through with it.

Can a judge make the same threat to a defendant in the courtroom?

Ohio judge Stephen Belden said that taping the defendant's mouth was the best way to restore order in a hearing for Harry Brown. The judge ordered the bailiff to tape his mouth shut following Brown's complaints about his lawyer and countless interruptions.

After the tape came off, the defendant said the judge wasn't being respectful.

So I ask y'all ... was it professional of the judge to tape the guy's mouth shut?

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Teachers used to do this when I was in school when kids talked too much during class. They can't do it now though, which is a shame.

I think the judge was right to use whatever means necessary to control order in his courtroom.

well, he could have just had the guy sent to a cell and fined... i think he was more than within his rights and the guy should be happy he didn't end up with a "contempt of court" added to the counts against him...