Some People ...

This was the annoying woman in front of me in line at the clinic I go to. For some reason, this phone was virtually attached to her ear the whole time. Apparently, it's okay that entire waiting room had to hear her conversations. Even when the pharmacy tech was trying to speak to her, she took a phone call. Helloooooooooooo. It was 5 minutes until closing and there were FOUR people waiting behind her! Some people are just too rude for words.

Secondly, I took the photo on my cell phone because of her hair. No, not because of the braids. I just don't get why someone would pick a hair color that does not compliment them. I don't know if y'all can see the 50 or so bobby pins sticking out either. Also, you know she paid a lot of money to get this hairdo done and her own hair is showing all the way around. I don't know if it's just from growing out or if she had it badly done. Then again, maybe she didn't pay enough to have it done.

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I bet she used her welfare check to pay for that bad weave. Her next stop was probably the nail salon for some $75 painted claws, then she called the welfare office to complain that her food stamps don't go far enough to feed her.

(Judgemental I know, but I see this almost every day at stamp cards being used by people who you know have paid mega bucks for hair, nails, fancy cell phones, then leave the store in their Lincoln Continentals)