The ULTIMATE Dog Treat!

No, we don't just get this because of the cute dog on the box.

My dogs are much cuter.

This is FrostyPaws doggie ice cream. Our dogs DEVOUR it. It's hilarious to watch them pick the cups up in their mouth and take it to wherever they're most comfortable to eat it. What was even funnier was when our family's bulldog, Seamus, would go up to someone around 9pm and put his paw in their lap. That was Seamus for "gimme my ice cream biatch!"

Our dogs are somewhat spoiled but nothing compared to Seamus.

The Paws come in two flavors - Original (beef) and Peanut Butter. I wish we could get peanut butter but we don't have it locally. Trust me, your dogs will love you for giving them this treat. We don't give it to them on a regular basis - just as an occasional snack when we've been gone a lot or something. Wanna see if a store near you has Paws? Click here to find out.

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We've never bought Frosty Paws for Scooter, but we do buy him 'Yoghund' frozen treats. He goes out of his min for them and they're a lot healthier than the Frosty Paws. If you can find them, you should give them a try!!!Well, not you...the dogs. :-)

The only other thing we've seen is Pedigree ice cream bars and those they scarf way too quickly for me to buy them again. They don't get the Paws that often, so we don't worry lol