How I Am Doing

I know some of y'all have been waiting for me to post an update on how I am feeling. I was waiting to get through the next round of doctor appointments and for the medication to have some time to get into my system. So, here is the update.

About a month ago, my therapist & NPC at the clinic put me on several new medicines ... celexa (anti-depressant), trazodone (mood stabilizer and for sleep) and atenolol for high blood pressure. The NPC had also put me on an inhaler for the breathing issue I've been saddled with for the past year.

After a month of being on this regimen, it was time to tweak most of it. She put me on azmacort as well. I'd heard of it but we'll see if it helps. I'm still having major sleeping issues (takes forever to sleep and I wake up feeling like I never slept), so the trazodone was upped to 200mg and the celexa to 60mg since I haven't felt any change in my depression. We also added an anxiety medicine, so hopefully that will improve as well.

Yes, I am nuts. But I know y'all already knew that!

I have also gotten an appointment at a mental health center that isn't going to charge me to get seen by a psychiatrist. It's also much closer to the house than the clinic, so that will make things much easier.

Oh and I spoke to my parents. I told my father off (which felt good) and Darin spoke to my mother about how awful they've treated me since my gram (and best friend) died. As I've mentioned before, she is a narcissist and hasn't even been concerned with my grieving (and my dad enables her). More about this soon, I promise.

So until next update, we'll see how things go.

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More power to you, buddy! Here'S hoping that this new reginmen gives you a chance to catch your breath and allows your life to line things up in an order you can best deal with. Let the healing begin! Hugz

Hey David, I take Celexa and love it! Have you tried Elavil for sleep instead of the Trazadone, like it much better too. I'm doing Advair for my breathing along with a singulair. And NO I don't think you are crazy, you should see the cocktail I thow in my mouth every morning. Have you ever asked about Fibromyalgia? Men do have it too, I'm going to a new clinic on the 29th started by my old Dr who diagnosed me way back when, whoohoo, anxious to see him again.

Well you hang in there and hope you can get this all under control!
<3 karen

I do know about fibro and my old pain doc was a fibro specialist and I don't have it ... my spine is just a mess! I go to the new crazy clinic on Monday so we'll see what happens.


(((((HUGS)))))...You'll be ok, just give the meds time to work...and if they don't help they can change them or and/or add to them. That's what my docs did. And you know how many meds I'm on, but if that's what it takes to make me feel better, then so be it. You're gonna have a happy ending when they get your meds right, so hang in there! And I keep you in my prayers everyday.