Survivor : Yoga or Not to Yoga

I know I am behind on my Survivor recaps. So, this is a condensed recap of what has been going on since Day 6.

Last time, it was Betsy who became the latest bit of collateral damage in Russell's quest to become the greatest villain ever on Survivor. The question then became, would it just be voting to get rid of people he wanted gone or would the tribe actually develop of a brain and vote for the better of the tribe?

Fortunately, Jaisson felt Ben needed to go and others finally listened. I thought the look on Ben's face was priceless when Jeff announced he was voted out. That "WTF?" might be the best tribal moment this season.

Over in Galu, most of the women seem to think they're at Club Med. First, Russell chooses towels and pillows over cooking items at the reward challenge, earning him Dumbass of the Weak. Next, this past week's episode shows them doing YOGA! Thank God for Shambo! If it weren't for her, I would write off all women this season.

Although. As much as I love Shambo, she did a stupid thing ... she told Erik how to find the hidden Immunity Idol! And he found it! Dumb move Shambo. It's not like you have an alliance with him. Or do you? We really haven't gotten to see much about the politics at Galu to know whom is aligned with whom.

The leaders were told to pick two tribe members to go one a quest with them. The 3 people from each tribe competed in a game of Survivor bocce ball. Naturally, Galu won on Dave's final shot. They won chickens and while Shambo was trying to get an egg out back at camp, one got away. What a shocker.

During the immunity challenge, the teams had to race across net obstacles while carrying blocks. They then had to stack the blocks into one tall stack. nce they completed that, they races across a rope bridge to get to another pile of blocks. Then, they stacked those in one super-tall stack. Shockingly, Foa Foa won its first immunity challenge!

Of course, the first thoughts of the boot went straight to Shambo. Like her or not, the woman is keeping their tribe going. Russell wanted Monica gone for tanking the challenge. Others wanted Yasmin gone for being a waste of space around the camp. Which is more important? Well, this is the tribe where towels are more important than cooking gear and yoga takes preference to getting water and food. Of course, Yasmin got the boot.

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