Kids Get A Motherly Peep-Show

A Wisconsin woman decided it was a good idea to strip in front of her children.

No, she's not a stripper.

She's a shoplifter.

Julia Laack, 36, of Sheboygan had received a home visit from police after she shoplifted a bag of beef jerky and a lighter from a convenience store. At first, she refused to come to the door. Police heard her screaming and swearing at her three children in her house, telling one that this was his fault.

Then it got weird.

Laack stripped to her underwear because, in her logic, then they couldn't arrest her.

Obviously, this is one woman who has never seen the TV show, COPS.

A pair of panties ain't gonna keep them from cuffin' someone.

Oh, it gets even better!

While trying to arrest her, she managed to spit on officer and kick the other one in the groin. Then, while on the way to the police station, she exposed her rear end against the rear window.

How the hell was the woman able to do that?

And yes, she was drunk.

Way drunk.

Wouldn't you be proud to have this for a mom?

Maybe not, but it would provide a lot of entertainment.

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I dont know what I appreciate more, the fact that she managed to moon the passers-by or that she was busted for stealing beef jerky and a lighter. What a random shopping list.

I think it was actually the kid that did it from her saying it was the kid's fault. But who knows?