SYTYCD : Getting 'Wicked' in Boston

Just as it was an SYTYCD first when the judges hit Phoenix, the show next traveled to Boston, MS, for the first time. This is also the first glimpse we got of Tyce and his overdramatics!

First of all, a BIG announcement. I was one of the people who tweeted to Nigel for this to happen! It is now official - ADAM SHANKMAN is now a resident judge! We'll get to see him during the boot camp and then on the live shows.

How awesome is that? Unlike Nigel, he belongs on the judging panel!

The first person to catch my eye was a dancer named Teddy. Okay, it was actually his pants that caught my eye - they were plaid golf pants. Even scarier is that he searched for them online! Fortunately his dancing was anything but scary. I even saw glimpses of some potential acting ability as well.

Check him out for yourself!

The second was an ice cream scooper name Channing. She was as powerful as one of the guys, but there was also a feminine side to her. The judges sent her to choreography, but she is still headed to Vegas!

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I really thought that Channing showed some real potential for the top 20....I hope, I hope!!