Making Aydan Happy

A few weeks ago, my old neighbor in Biloxi asked me if I would bake her some cupcakes for her son's 2nd birthday party. Anyone else, I would have said no, but for them I would. So, I baked and decorated. The above picture is Aydan enjoying his cupcake. Notice that he has blue buttercream everywhere. His mom told me that he was even just sucking the frosting off the cupcake. It made me feel great that he enjoyed them so much. Now I have an entire year to rest up for the next time I make them! ha!

Oh, and the Buzz Lightyear next to him was his favorite gift. Since he got it, the only time he has set it down was to eat his cupcake. His mom told me he's had it in his hands for the last 2 days. Kids are funny that way!

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