Well, I figured it is time for an update for y'all. I know that I didn't blog much this week because I have been down with a head cold. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for a sniffle to become a full blown cold, complete with a wonderful cough.

Some of y'all may remember that I was to have a breathing test this past Monday.

I never want to do that again!

Basically, the test is just like the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) that I did several months ago. The PFT is actually quite simple - first you breathe in deep, then blow out quick and hard for 6 seconds and then take another quick deep breath. You do this a bunch of times and it's over. Not quite with this new test. With this one, you do the same as the PFT but you also have to breathe in a medicine called methocolene before each round of breathing. The medicine tastes a lot like chloroseptic - without the pleasant cherry flavor.

Once that awful test was over, I asked the test giver's opinion. They were looking to see if I would react to the medicine. The test cannot tell if I actually have asthma, but it can tell if I don't. According to the test giver, I didn't react until the final round and even then I didn't react that much. So, it looks like my doctor was right about my breathing.

I don't have asthma.

But, then ... what is wrong with me?!?

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