Now I Have Heard Everything ...

I've read about people texting while driving.

I've seen people eat while driving.

Awhile back I even mentioned someone putting on makeup while driving and causing an accident.

This is a new one for me.

Have you ever seen someone SHAVE while driving?

That's right folks. Someone was actually shaving while driving and caused an accident in Key West, Florida.

Oh, did I mention the driver was FEMALE?

No, she was not shaving her legs while driving.

Worse, she was shaving her private area while behind the wheel.

Her ex-husband was in the passenger seat and held the wheel while she primped herself. Apparently, she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and she wanted to be ready for him.

Yes, there is so much wrong with this situation. I would love to know why the ex-husband was in the car if she was on the way to meet her boyfriend. He even tried to claim HE was the person driving the car. Fortunately they could prove she was driving.

Better yet, the day before the accident, the woman was convicted of a second DUI! She didn't even have a license at the time of the accident.

I would really like to know what was going through her mind when she decided to give herself a haircut behind the wheel.

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Oh, my! Maybe the ex was happy just to be getting rid of her!

oh my, i thought i heard everything. those damn heterosexuals.

She was thinking "Hmmm, I'm going to see the man-meat, I might get lucky. Oh darn, I'm a little fuzzy, better take care of that. Hey, is that a red lig....."

@John - Ya really ... and they worry about US!

@Donna - Love it!

This is certainly a very unique situation. Some stuff you just need to take care of BEFORE you leave the house. ;-)

I still wanna know how she could be going to see her boyfriend and her ex-husband was in the car lol Your not going to get any referrals with the 'badge'

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Its really not a bad deal.

OH, thanks for the visual of the women...I must of missed her face before....uckkk.

I added the photo later once I remembered that I had it lol