Something That Irks Me

Let's face it, I watch a lot of television.

Well, more accurately, I listen to a lot of television.

During the day, it is inevitable that I will have to endure stupid commercials.

There is one for an online college that just irks me. In it, one person says, "If I can do it, then anyone can."

I know it doesn't sound all that offensive but I will explain.

Imagine you're someone who is used to being pretty independent. Then, all of a sudden something happens leaving you completely dependent on other people for most, if not all, things. That's how the last 4 years has been for me.

Then you hear "if I can do it, then anyone can," and you just want to scream at the television.

What if someone knows they can't? Imagine how that person would feel.

Like an inept failure.

I fight with that feeling daily.

I'm 33 and what do I have to show for my life? I have the spine of a 75 year-old, I'm gaining weight because I am stuck in bed all the time and am living off the federal and state assistance that I receive.

It's not the life I envisioned for myself when I was 18 and deciding what to do with the rest of my life.

Back to my earlier point of this post ...

When you include a statement like they did, you run the risk of alienating people and making them feel even more worthless than they already did.

But enough of my pity party.

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