I have been fighting off anxiety attacks for the last month.

Now, my attacks are different from most people. I don't hyperventilate or anything like that. With mine, I get this physical feeling of dread that washes throughout my body and afterward, I am physically exhausted. It's a weird feeling to have the attacks. And trust me, it isn't fun when I have them.

So what am I anxious about?

Obviously, it's the move.

More than that, the biggest anxiety is regarding doctors. I am very comfortable with the doctors i have now. In fact, I feel very safe with them. I know that they actually care about me and want the best for me. Now I will be leaving that. I'm sure I will find good doctors in Denver but it just won't be the same.

Also, I have my assistance all set up here ... food stamps, medicaid, prescription help. Now I will have to re-apply for everything. I'm sure I will get approved but it's just a hassle having to redo everything on top of so many other changes.

Don't get me wrong - I'm happy about moving. I'm thrilled that Darin is working a job he loves and that he'll have room for advancement in company that actually values its employees. It's just hard when you have anxiety issues and such a big change happens.

Okay, enough of the pity party!

Time for more packing.

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If it is any consolation: you are experiencing common symptoms with understandable situations. As a doctor, I get lots of patience coming to me because of changes like a move. I hope the new doctor is empathetic and assuring for you to settle in.


Freesia_77 (cant figure out wut i used to log in here before :( )

It takes time to find doctors you "meld" with -- and its been some work for you to get everything straight with that ....
So very understandable anxieties ...

I also am wishing u the best in settling in in colorado --- positive thoughts and vibes to support u in this move ...

I also have anxiety attacks kinda like yours, and I will be going though what you are with the DR so I understand. at times I just want to stay here but then I know like you we have to be with our partners who have stood by us so who are we to say nope not going we will be there fear or no fear.