I Have Landed!

Well folks, the day has finally come. I am now a resident of Denver!

Yesterday I flew from New Orleans to my new home. Someone must have been smiling on me! First, I got the seat I wanted ("stretch" seating with 5 inches extra leg room) and then no one was seated next to me. So, I got in the middle seat and stretched out. I even got to watch part of the Saints game on the free DirectTV I got on the flight. Lastly, we arrived 20 minutes EARLY. They had some very friendly people drive me through the airport to the baggage claim where, just as we pulled up, my bag was coming around the belt. How is that for timing?

If you ever get the chance, I totally recommend FRONTIER AIRLINES. Not only was my experience great, I only had to pay $99 for the ticket (direct flight) and $15 to upgrade my seat.

Great, huh?

Now I'm just getting to know my surroundings and today, I had a doctor's appointment. I am really hoping they will keep me on as a patient. I don't think they should be a problem with my lab work or my records. The place is only 10 minutes from the house and I got in early and done in no time. Totally not like Louisiana where everything takes 10x as long as it should.

So far, so good!

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Freesia_77 says:

Woo Hoo congrats --- glad the flight and move went well ...
Its a new adventure --- best of luck in Colorado!!

Yeah, glad to hear you are off to a good start...
Hope you enjoy your first Colo. Winter

I am starting to feel like a bottle of water ... I am drinking at least a gallon of water every day.


I'm so excited for you my friend. You'll have to tell me everything about your new state, city and life when you get the chance...no pressure. Glad everything went so smoothly too. Hugs to you both.