Today I had my first appointment with my new pain doctor.

I gotta say ... I like him a lot.

He reminded me of a bigger Anderson Cooper.


The appointment went very well. He was going to suggest a CPAP machine, but I am already on one. He wanted to suggest therapy, but I am already doing water therapy. It was nice to hear him say that I sound motivated to get better.

And I am. I'm tired of 'just' maintaining. I am ready to have more of my life back.

And this doctor thinks he can do that for me.

Over the next two months, I am supposed to lose as much weight as I possibly can through diet and exercise. I will be going to water therapy three times each week and totally changing my diet.

No cheese.

No red meat.

No eating after 8 pm.


The no cheese thing is really painful. I can live without red meat and the no late night eating ... but cheese?? Lord help me!

The good news from today is that the doctor thinks I am a perfect candidate for a spinal stimulator. Basically, it is a wire that is implanted into my back that turns the pain off. It would allow me to function at a higher rate. That sounds great to me.

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I am right there with you. I will remind you about the late night eating. You remind me to actually go to sleep before it is late night. LOL.

Best bud, you are on your way.

Lisa Wimberly  

You've got the right positive attitude and the right motivation. You can do it! Sounds like you have a great new doc...I'm glad. I'm so happy that we're friends! Love ya!

Good luck on all of this!
I should do this diet as well.


Sounds great, but yes I can understand the cheese thing I love cheese too. keeps us inform on how it turns out

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