Seems like I am always apologizing for not writing blog posts sooner.

So I won't apologize this time.

Nothing much has really been going on except for us getting settled in the new home. As you probably know, we have moved to Denver for Darin's new job. Well, it was new two months ago anyways.

Mostly I have been unpacking and resting. Thanks to my back, I cannot do a whole lot before I have to rest. Fortunately, there is no timeline on getting things settled. It is killing me that I cannot do it faster though. I like things in their place and not everything is yet. Most of it is though.

On the doctor front, I have found a pain doctor and hopefully they'll keep me on as a patient. It would really suck if they do not because I will have to go without medication.

[pausing for kisses from my dog]

Speaking of the dogs, Pokey & Dakota are adjusting well to the new home. Dakota took no time at all actually. Pokey has been adjusting slowly. He doesn't like strangers and there are lots of people around when we go outside to do 'business'. He'll learn to get over it though.

So, now y'all are caught up :)

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