Not All Fun and Games

I'm a big fan of the Olympics....2 weeks of sports - yes! As we all know, we got to watch lots of records and great accomplishments. Not everything at the Olympics was good though. I'm not talking about the ceremonies - don't get me started on those. I am a big believer in good sportsmanship... The first big disappointment was when a wrestler threw down his bronze medal in anger about not making the finals. At least, I think that's why! Ha!

The one thing that really irked me was the behavior of a tae-kwon-do athlete from Cuba. Now we say Usain Bolt from Jamaica act badly after winning but I think it is safe to say that it was youth that made hime not realize his actions were in poor fashion. That can't be the excuse for the Cuban athlete - this was his THIRD Olympics. On top of that, he won a medal in Sydney in 2000! He should know better. Here is the very lasting image of the athlete in question :

I hope that others are as disturbed by this as I am. The person getting kicked is the REFEREE! Yes, you heard it right! Why would he do this? Because the referee disqualified him! It was well withing the rules and the competitor knew it. Then his coach accused the ref of taking a bribe from the competition to fix the match. Now both athlete and coach are facing life bans from the sport and the olympics. It is so sad that people could be such poor sports.

Hmmm he is in Cuba. Would they kill him for embarrassing the country? HA!

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